Become the confident and masterful Performance Measurement Professional your organisation needs.

When you begin to encourage your organisation toward a deliberate approach to performance measurement, you’re really beginning an organisational change program. What specifically makes performance measurement an organisational change is the social side of measuring performance: the values and feelings and beliefs and attitudes and skills of all the people you need to involve.

And it shouldn’t take much convincingly to agree that the social system around performance measurement can be quite dysfunctional!

People don’t like change. And they like performance measurement even less.

People resist it, even when they believe they’re remaining open to it. And as such, leading any change essentially means facing and overcoming obstacles and resistance.

In performance measurement, the obstacles and resistance manifest in these ways:

  • Your organisation’s leaders don’t see measuring as a burning problem, and will at best give only lip service to supporting performance measurement implementation.
  • Your colleagues won’t get involved in measuring performance, because of lack of time, lack of motivation, more urgent priorities, bad past experiences, and even fear about how it will be used against them
  • You struggle to guide people on what to measure when there is no clear strategy, and especially when teams don’t understand the purpose, process and outcomes of their work, and have too strong a focus on activities rather than results
  • The leaders and staff in your organisation don’t see the value of measurement, particularly when the dominating organisational culture is not centred on a continuous improvement philosophy
  • Your colleagues don’t understand enough about measurement, sometimes even lacking a basic level of knowledge and comfort with numbers and graphs
  • You have no clue where to start, particularly when a top-down approach is not an option
  • You doubt your own skills and abilities to facilitate and teach the technical areas of performance measurement, and to keep people engaged and getting value from the time you asked them to commit

Obstacles like these are in your way of using PuMP to transform the performance culture for your organisation.

You’re a Performance Measurement Professional, and you’re leading people along the pathway to a performance culture that can transform the success of your organisation, and the success of each business unit, team and individual within it.

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Stacey Barr
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